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Ask your ethical questions, report non-compliance or breach of the code of ethics

MOL Group Compliance & Ethics department operates a corporate grievance mechanism under the coordination of the Group Ethics Officer and according to the Ethics Council Rules of procedure whereas questions are answered, complaints are investigated and the Ethics Council assesses the raised issues.

Should you intend to report a non-compliance, please contact Group Compliance & Ethics or the local ethics officer of the concerned MOL Group company.

For local ethics officer contact details contact the concerned MOL Group company.

Address: MOL Group Ethics Council H-1117 Budapest, Október huszonharmadika u. 18

24-hour phone with answering machine: (+36 1) 464-1725 or extension 21-725.

Reporting via internet

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The process of handling complaints is governed by the CLXV. Act of 2013. on complaints and reports of public concerns of Hungary. You can find the detailed Rules of Procedure of the Ethics Council here.

Please accept the Ethics Council Rules of Procedure.


I declare that the complaint reported above is made in good faith based on circumstances I am aware of or based on evidence I reasonably assume to be factual. I hereby acknowledge that when it has become apparent that as a reporting person, I have maliciously provided incorrect information of material importance and circumstances constitute evidence that criminal offence or infringement was committed, my personal data shall be transferred to the organisation, authority or person authorised to conduct the applicable procedures. Should it be validly assumed that the malicious report submitted or the incorrect information provided have caused loss or other damage to another party, my personal data shall, upon request, be transferred to the organisation, authority or person authorised to initiate and conduct the applicable procedures.

Please accept the statement of good faith.


Your complaint and personal data will be handled as confidential and will be processed at the organizational unit responsible for the investigation (Group Audit & Compliance and MOL Group Ethics Council) only for the purposes of the Ethics proceeding, investigation and remedies. Your personal data will be transferred to the reported person and other units of MOL Group (HR, Legal, Security) in the extent necessary for the investigation. The processing and transfer of personal data is based on the legal interests of MOL Group in detecting the alleged breach. Your personal data will be stored until investigation purpose requires it, but maximum until 60 days after the closure of the investigation or until the closure of any proceedings started based upon the investigation.

Please accept the Privacy Notice.
Ethics & Compliance Email: speakup@molgroup.info
Ethics Council direct Email: ethicscouncil@mol.hu