The Digital Factory is leading the digital transformation of MOL Group Consumer Services by digitalising customer interactions and internal operations. Through the personalisation of customer interactions, the enhancement of convenience and the datafication of our internal operations, we support the vision of MOL Group’s Retail business to become a true consumer goods retailer in the Central Eastern European region.


The Digital Factory organisation effectively combines business expertise and technical know-how and leverages best-in-class technologies for data science, master data management, loyalty, customer relationship management (CRM), campaign management, API integration, omnichannel and payment capabilities. Through the agile way of working we strive in output-focused activities – generating value for both our customers and our business.


At the core of our activities is the implementation of three digital platforms across 9 markets: digital data & AI; digital CRM & loyalty and digital payments.


In order to harness the great potential of our data we are creating a single data platform, a single source of truth, our so-called Consumer Services Data Lake. Thanks to the Data Lake, retail and digital experts and managers can access detailed, accurate and near real-time information about business performance through high quality dashboards.

Further building on Data Lake, we are also scaling up artificial intelligence / machine learning-based analytics tools that directly support the optimisation of our business performance.


Such insight into the transactional data gives us a unique opportunity to better understand our customers’ needs as well, allowing us to communicate more personalised and more relevant information and offers to them.

The main channel of personalized communication is our loyalty programme, which is currently available in 6 countries: Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia. In order to improve the customer experience of these programs we are continuously rolling out mobile applications enabling our customers to sign up for the programme, access their digital loyalty card, follow their balances, receive their offers as well as find our Service Stations and learn about our services.

Our goal in the medium term is to transform these programmes into a more digital, gamified, rewards-based programmes offering a more entertaining and convenient experience to our customers, setting the benchmark for customer relationship management.


One additional key driver of how convenient our customers rate their experience is the payment options available for them. Therefore, we are testing various solutions for pay-at-pump, coffee machines, car wash and toilet gates. Some of the most exciting future concepts being piloted include creating fast lanes with pay-at-pump at the Service Stations. All aim to satisfy different customer needs – let it be contactless purchase, easy payment or saving time.