Downstream Development

MOL Group builds on the changes in the external environment and updated its 2030 strategy, to better reflect on the need to accelerate the transformation, and integrateg sustainability goals. In the Shape Tomorrow strategy MOL keeps key initiatives as they proved to be progressive and successful but now accelerate business transformation. To support this fast-paced group-wide transformation, Downstream and DS Development sets its Roadmap 2025 to transform the traditional fossil-fuel-based operation into a low-carbon, sustainable business.

Downstream Development (DSD) organization is an essential contributor to driving efficiency, and accelerating fuel-to-chemical transformation. DS Development supports the Downstream target to reach 1.2bn+ USD EBITDA by 2025, to be able to fulfil this, DS Development maps, initiates, and delivers projects increasing Downstream EBITDA with a strong focus on sustainable initiatives. DSD covers group-wide activities related to ~ 1 bn USD/year DS CAPEX portfolio management. To speed up the low-carbon transition Downstream Development focuses on three key areas, Efficiency, Fuel transformation, and Sustainability.

  • Efficiency: Deliver the right projects, the right way with the right resources

  • Transformation: Successfully realize Polyol Project and initiate 1st wave of Fuel transformation investment

  • Sustainability: Support CO2 emissions reduction in Downstream and setup new business lines (Recycling, Compounding, and Circular Economy initiatives)