Open Innovation Hub

Our ambitious, transformational MOL Group 2030 Enter Tomorrow Strategy is built on the premise that advancements in technology, coupled with environmental consciousness and new consumer habits are fundamentally changing the entire oil & gas industry. 

At MOL, we see embracing an open innovation culture as the right response to these challenges, and reaching out to innovation ecosystem is an important step for us. We believe that partnering up with the players of the innovation community such as incubator houses, VC founds, universities and other research institutions as well as startups, SME’s and corporates could support our goals that we would like to achieve. The aim of the new Group level organization is to have one source of market view of highly innovative and most promising solutions and ideas available today and in the near future. By investigating and connecting these solutions with the goals of the business units, supporting units we can reach our aim faster and in a more efficient way.