Operating company:
MOL-Russ LLC / BaiTex LLC
Headquarters: Moscow
Number of employees: ~ 150
2P Reserves (2021 YE):
30.2 MMboe
Production (2021):
4 mboepd

MOL Group acquired BaiTex in 2007 and entered into a strategic partnership with TPAO by divesting 49% of shares in BaiTex in 2014, while remaining the Operator. Baitugan is a mature oil field in production since 1947, with developed infrastructure, which supports low operating and development costs. The main target of the current work program approved in 2020 is to keep stable production with drilling of horizontal wells, advanced well workovers, reservoir pressure support and infrastructure improvement projects.



In 2021 BaiTex acquired Exploration license for the Devonian formation for a period of 5 years.


In 2021, as a part of Baitugan Reassessment Project, BaiTex successfully drilled 3 horizontal wells, completed 8 advanced well workovers and 9 wells were converted to injection. Production optimization efforts resulted in a total of 46 well interventions executed in accordance with well workover program.


Currently working on the long term Strategy update. The main objective for the upcoming years is to maintain plateau production by unlocking remaining potential of the field with the infill drilling and infrastructure development program, well-workover campaign and operational excellence. Free Cash Flow and increased Team engagement will be at focus. MOL also continues exploring enhanced oil recovery methods opportunities and CO2 emission reduction.

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*Gross production number