LPG is a portable, clean and efficient energy source which is available to customers around the world and used in thousands of applications from households to petrochemical industry.

  • MOL Group provides the highest quality of LPG products due to the complex production and wide variety of feedstocks. The annual LPG turnover of MOL Group is around 900.000 tons per year. Besides supplying its own Petrochemical Plants (MOL Petrochemical Plant (MPC) in Tiszaújváros and Slovnaft Petrochemical Plant (SPC) in Bratislava) MOL Group delivers to domestic and industrial end-users too.
  • MOL Group’s product portfolio consists of commodity and special LPG grades.  In order to fulfill any special requirements, different products can be tailor-made, or even new products can be developed with special quality parameters and production settings.


LPG Products

Wide ranges of LPG products are available, in compliance with all the concerning market standards and regulations (Butanes, Propane-butane mix, Autogas, Propane). 

Due to the high-quality feedstock and modern technology, MOL Group can secure the continuous supply of high-quality products. 



Pentane is an organic compound with the formula C5H12 — an alkane with five carbon atoms. The boiling points of the pentane isomers range from about 9 to 36 °C. It has two isomers n-pentane and iso-pentane and a special variant as cyclopentane.

Due to its low boiling range and fast evaporation, MOL Group’s pentanes can be primarily used as environmentally friendly blowing agents in the production of EPS and PUR industry. Usually, a mixture of normal, iso- and cyclopentane is used for this purpose in order to maximize the thermal insulation properties. As a sustainable, CFC-Free Hydrocarbon blowing agent, it has zero Ozone Depletion Potential and due to its low (<0,001) Global Warning Potential, it meets even the future needs of the insulation industry (sandwich panels, pre-insulated pipes, refrigerators, EPS boards, etc.).

In addition, pentanes have a wide range of application, act as excellent refrigerant in geothermal power stations, solvent in catalytic processes, resins, propellant in aerosols and it is essential for gasoline production.

MOL Group’s pentanes are fractionated in our Gas Processing Plant in Algyő directly from the Natural Gas uniquely in the region.

Our product represents higher quality than pentane produced by oil refineries. Its minimum 95% purity and low contaminations make our product particular (with special attention to the sulfur content).

MOL Group offers you iso-, normal- and cyclopentane and a wide selection of pentane blends designated to fulfil the requirements of insulation, chemical and fuel industries. We produce the iso- and normal-pentane separately, so we can blend any tailor-made mixture upon your request.

You can download a sample of our specifications:


If you are interested in any other product we offer, please write to us using the CONTACT US form below.

MOL Group represents as a reliable supplier of the most important market players in the EPS and PUR insulated sandwich panel industry in the CEE region for more than 15 years.

We apply high standards and possess the latest ISO certificates in addition to our continuous, computerized production control.  

Based on our assets MOL Group provides you high-level logistic service at our storage park, loading stations and transportation while respecting our high HSE standards. There is no minimum order, we can offer you drum, IBC, tank truck, iso-tank and Rail Tank Car deliveries or loadings at our site and our main aim is to supply you On Time, In Full.

MOL Group’s key goal is to provide first class service for the customers, so we dedicated a sales expert and a whole team will work on your satisfaction.

Hydrocarbon Propellants and Refrigerants 

At MOL Group Gas Processing Plant any product can be purified to result in an odourless and colourless quality. Any propellant mixture can be blended upon customer’s requests. 
MOL Group offers environmentally friendly refrigerant agents to fulfil the highest quality standards in high-purity (above 99%), odourless form, free from impurities. Also, high purity propane, normal-butane, iso-butane and pentanes are produced which satisfy the requirements of domestic, commercial and industrial refrigerator manufacturers.


MOL Group provides the highest quality of LPG products due to the complex production and wide variety of feedstocks. MOL Group operates in three refineries and two Gas Processing Plants across the Central – Eastern European region.
Product availability per assets:


MOL Group disposes several storage depots, road and rail tank car loading facilities and transloading terminals across the Central European Region. 

Delivery options - MOL Group possesses also a large fleet of rail tank cars and trucks, supplemented with assets of reliable logistics subcontractors. 

With this firm logistics background MOL can deliver products to buyer’s depot or it’s also possible to load buyer’s trucks or rail tank cars at the different MOL sites.

    • Rail – C3, LPG-mix, nC4 C4 mix
    • Road – C3, LPG-mix
  • Algyő: Rail and Road – C3, LPG, nC4, iC4, nC5, iC5, C5-mix
  • Ortaháza – LPG-mix only
  • Hajdúszoboszló – Road and LPG-mix only
  • Zalaegerszeg – Road and LPG-mix only

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