Understanding the environment in which we operate and minimising our environmental footprint is critical to maintaining our legal and social licence to operate. MOL Group is continuously working on avoiding, minimizing and mitigating environmental impacts in all of its areas of operation. We aim to improve our waste management and emission performance, manage our impact on water and biodiversity and address any related impact on local communities.


MOL Group operates a wide range of oil and gas technologies and equipment and is involved in an industry that is considered to be a significant source of air emissions. Accordingly, we pay special attention to reducing our impacts on air quality. In recent years, we have made progress in reducing our SOx and NOx emissions, and have also implemented an LDAR programme to reduce VOC emissions.

We put great emphasis on our waste management as well. MOL Group’s daily operations result in the generation of a wide range of solid and liquid wastes. We continuously take measures in order to reduce the amount of waste generated and also to increase the proportion of waste that is recovered.

Water resources are of basic importance and play an important role in MOL Group’s operations as well since we use water from all types of sources for our activities. We have a general target of reducing our total water withdrawal; moreover, we pay special attention in water stressed areas. We consider water scarcity to be a serious issue, and as such have been taking measures to decrease the water demand of our operations.

Biodiversity can be an important challenge for the oil and gas industry, especially in case of new investments. Even though MOL Group’s activities have relatively low impact on biodiversity since most of our sites are located in Europe and in the Middle East, the company has been implementing local biodiversity protection projects at several of our upstream locations, and is continuously working on better understanding and identifying all of the relevant risks caused by our operations.