Operating company: MOL (FED) Kazakhstan B.V.

Operating company:
MOL (FED) Kazakhstan B.V.
Headquarters: Astana
Number of employees: ~ 5
2P Reserves (2020 YE):
23.5 MMboe

MOL Group is in partnership with KMG EP and FIOC in its joint operational company, Uralsk Oil and Gas (UOG) in the Fedorovskiy block, where preparations are currently ongoing for the Trial Production Project.

In 2018, a big milestone was achieved in Trial Production Project by signing two key commercial agreements with Nostrum: the Gas Sales Agreement and the Condensate Processing Agreement. Concept Select Study for Surface Facilities was also completed and provided the foundation for EPCC solution to deliver first gas. MOL Group, as the technical leader in the project, in cooperation with its partners is delivering the roadmap towards first gas, with project currently being in the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) phase. In 2019, Rozhkovskoye Field Development Plan was approved by Kazakhstan Central Commission for Exploration and Development of minerals.

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