Operating company: MOL (FED) Kazakhstan B.V.

Operating company:
MOL (FED) Kazakhstan B.V.
Headquarters: Astana
Number of employees: ~ 5
2P Reserves (2022 YE):
23.5* MMboe

MOL Group is in partnership with KMG EP and FIOC in its joint operational company, Uralsk Oil and Gas (UOG) in the Rozhkovskoye gas-condensate field, where preparations are currently ongoing for the Trial Production Project.

Also activities progressed towards first gas. As part of the roadmap to Production Contract Addendum #7 is pending approval, whereby, the updated Rozhkovskoye FDP was approved by the CCED (Central Commission for Exploration and Development) at the end of 2022. After successful tendering, winner had been announced for the EPCC tender Q2 2022, the contract was signed, and the execution of the EPCC Contract has started by the winning Contractor. Detailed engineering and long-lead item procurement is currently ongoing by the Contractor.

*Reserves estimate for sanctioned Phase I development project

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