Petroleum coke

Petrolcoke is a carbon-rich solid material, which is generated as a by-product during the crude oil refining process. Its characteristics are very similar to coal’s however petrolcoke offers many advantages.

Petrolcoke is a coke what derives from the final cracking process, that takes place in a unit called delayed coker unit. The chemical and physical characteristics of petrolcoke depend on the used crude oil composition and the refining process. Physically petrolcoke can resemble into large or smaller black pieces with a porous feel.

As its heating value is higher than coal’s, it can be used as a heating material in industrial environments. Fuel grade petrolcoke produces no visible ash when burned. Petrolcoke is an extremely stable fuel which means there is little risk of combustion during transportation, and it can be stored on a long term without any difficulties.

Petrolcoke can be loaded and delivered in various shipping methods including road, rail and barge transport. MOL Group has the possibility to offer all kinds for its customers as part of the portfolio.


MOL Group’s production offers high quality green delayed petrolcoke to its customers with a maximum sulfur content of 4.5%, and with an extremely high heating value between the range of 8200 and 8300 kcal/kg.

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