The accelerated environmental challenges our world is experiencing nowadays strengthen the need for sustainable products and processes. Downstream R&D puts great emphasis on exploring innovative solutions. We perform assessments of business opportunities and technical innovations and drive investment projects in the area of circular economy and sustainability in-line with the MOL 2030+ transformation journey.


Our team supports MOL’s strategic vision by analysing technological solutions that could represent a more environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional fossil-based pathways whilst ensuring high shareholder value. An essential part of this investigation is to focus on the integration of new feedstocks by looking into renewables, waste and biogenic resources.

An essential consideration is compliance with the European Union regulations and taxonomy aiming at net zero such as the Renewable Energy Directive and/or Circular Economy principles. Changes in the regulatory environment represent not just challenges, but also opportunities for our industry:


We work jointly with multiple internal and external partners on a clear vision of regulatory, technological and market aspects to provide sustainable and profitable business cases.

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