The market for polyether polyols is dynamically developing, both globally and in Central Europe. The global demand is expected to grow significantly until 2025 and based on market forecasts this growth will continue on the long run. Polyols are a key raw material for polyurethanes, which are one of the most widely used plastics with many areas of applications. Polyurethanes are used in significant quantities e.g. by the automotive, furniture, packaging and construction industries. Thus, end users of the chemical products developed in the R&D laboratories of MOL Group will be millions of people relying on the products manufactured by these sectors.


Research and Development in the Polyol Story

The Group’s 2030+ strategy sets the goal of making the petrochemical business an ever-increasing contributor to the overall performance of MOL Group. To achieve this goal, an investment aimed at product diversification towards propylene oxide, propylene glycol and polyether polyols is being implemented at MOL Petrochemicals Ltd. (member of MOL Group) in Tiszaújváros - the Polyol Project. It was understood from the very early days of the project that R&D is a key enabler for a success in this business area, consequently, the György Mosonyi R&D Center in Százhalombatta has been set up and is in full operation since 2020.

In our Polyol R&D Center, new polyol products will be developed by applying modern technology to meet the expectations of our customers and even go beyond. These products will be produced and marketed following the start-up of the polyol complex in Tiszaújváros.

Our engineers and experts are working on providing technical support for upscaling polyol recipes to full production size and also provide technical service to ensure customer satisfaction and a competitive position on the market.

MOL Group is proud to offer a varied range of advanced R&D capabilities to the benefit of its polyol customers. We will continue to provide application support in line with market requirements, to help customers achieve their goals in terms of quality and sustainability.