11 Oct 2017

MOL is looking for top students to participate in its FRESHHH competition

  • The application for the Freshhh program is now open until 3 November 2017 at freshhh.net
  • Freshhh is an international gamified competition for top university students interested in the Oil & Gas industry
  • Besides attractive financial rewards, many participants of previous editions launched their career within MOL Group
  • Over the last years, the competition attracted over 25,000 students from more than 70 countries

Budapest, 11 October 2017 – Today, MOL Group opens a call for applications for the next edition of its talent acquisition program, Freshhh 2017. Launched for the eleventh year in a row, this award-winning competition allows top university students interested in the Oil & Gas industry to take part in an international online gamified competition and compete for exciting prizes.

Freshhh is an international online student competition, where student teams consisting of 3 members take charge of managing an integrated oil corporation. During the competition, participants will have to make decisions on oil and gas field development projects, the construction of a refinery, and will have to find the best product portfolio. In addition, students will also get the opportunity to set the strategy for retail network development as well as decide on investments and network expansion. Over the last years, the competition attracted over 25,000 students from more than 70 countries. Many previous participants were given an opportunity to kick-start their careers within MOL Group as part of the Growww program.

The Freshhh competition consists of three rounds. First, participants will go through online qualification, during which they will have around two weeks to build up a newly established oil corporation and make day-to-day business decisions on Exploration and Production, Downstream, Petrochemicals, and Retail operations. As the next step, the best 40 teams will take part in the online semi-final, where participants will work on solving professional quizzes and case studies. It will be followed by the Live Final event, expected to take place in January 2018 in Budapest, during which top 8 shortlisted teams will compete for final prizes. The three best performing teams will win prizes of a total of 25,000 EUR. The deadline for submission of applications is 3 November.

The competition enables young talents not only to prove their knowledge of related technologies but also to make strategic decisions that ensure the highest profitability while running an oil and gas company. Freshhh is also a way to build students’ interest in an oil and gas career, and encourage them to work in one of the most desirable companies in the region.

„Looking at MOL 2030 Strategy, which is very bold in creating new business opportunities, attracting young, diverse and talented people will be more important than ever for MOL to succeed in its industrial transformation journey and the strategic turn towards innovation. Over the years, our talent acquisition programs, including Freshhh and Growww, have provided an efficient outreach towards international talents, and we see it as a great investment for ensuring the company’s success. So far, Freshhh have opened up compelling career paths at MOL for many finalists, and thus I encourage everyone interested in this of the most complex industries to take up the challenge and apply.” – commented Zdravka Demeter Bubalo, HR Vice President of MOL Group.

“Freshhh was an exciting journey of learning and discovery, and it helped me realize that working in such a dynamic industry as Oil & Gas was for me the way to go. At the end of the competition I was admitted to the Growww program and afterward was offered a full-time position at MOL, as a result of strong engagement and contribution in the ever-changing environment.” – added Dusan Ilic, Retail New Services & Omni-channels Expert at MOL Group.