24 Apr 2023

MOL Group is hiring 74 talented fresh graduates to deliver sustainable solutions for the region

  • MOL Growww program has attracted over 2500 fresh graduate candidates from all over Central-Eastern Europe since its launch 18 years ago
  • In 2023, 74 talented fresh graduates will be hired in 7 countries giving them the chance to work on solutions towards advancing the mobility, energy and sustainability of the region

Budapest, 20th April 2023. - 74 Growwwers will be hired in 7 countries giving them the chance to work on solutions towards advancing the mobility, energy and sustainability of the region.

We are again launching one of the most exciting regional graduate programs – MOL Group Growww . The prestigious, one-year long program enables a diverse pool of talent to kickstart their career at one of Central Eastern Europe’s leading, most stable energy companies, while working on solutions that take the region further with advancing mobility, energy and sustainability.

In the Growww program they will be part of a vibrant, dynamic, international team, mentored by seasoned professionals in their respective fields. After the recruitment phase, 74 Growwwers will join the development journey; 44 will work at the MOL headquarters in Budapest, 9 at INA in Zagreb, and 12 at the Slovnaft headquarters in Bratislava.

We, at MOL Group are on a quest to become a key player in the region’s circular economy. We aim to cut carbon emissions and provide safe, green energy for the region. Apart from energy, there are other exciting areas we work in such as sustainable chemicals, mobility, retail and waste management. We are looking for talent who can shape this future together successfully with us and drive the everyday progress in the region . And we believe in investing in the development of people who share our vision.

Lana Faust Krizan, VP of MOL Group HR said : “ This is the 18th year in which we are launching our Growww program. In the past 17 years, 2500 young talents joined MOL Group through Growww, brought with themselves fresh perspectives and made a real difference to the organization. These bright young talents are result-driven and are constantly looking for solutions in their respective fields. They ask themselves every day: how can we make this better?”

Ex-Growwer, now MOL leader – Szabolcs Kozma, Head of MOL Hungary Logistics: I remember being part of this program was more like being part of a great journey with an amazing team. Over the 12 months we worked on common projects, had mentors guiding us, learned from the company’s leadership and just had a lot of fun. But, of course, it was also hard work. And it helped me become the leader I am today.”

Potential Growwwers can apply to the open positions in MOL Group at the following site : https://molgroupcareers.info/en/growww-graduate-programme

Contact: pressoffice@mol.hu