24 Nov 2014

Settlement of the current option agreement and entering into a new one with ING Bank

MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Public Limited Company (“MOL“) hereby informs the capital market’s participants, that it has been agreed with ING Bank N.V. (“ING”), that the option rights arising out of the share option agreement concluded between them on 22 November 2013, regarding 5,220,000 MOL Series “A” Ordinary shares, will be cash settled in respect of all the shares on 27 November, 2014. The strike price is EUR 47.4444 per share.

Simultaneously, MOL and ING signed a share option agreement on 24 November, 2014. As a result of the transactions, MOL received an American call option and ING received a European put option regarding the 5,220,000 MOL Series “A” Ordinary shares. The maturity of both options is 1 year with an additional 1 year extension possibility. The strike price of both call and put option is USD 50.92842 per one share.

As a result of the transactions the number of Treasury shares has not changed. MOL Plc. directly and indirectly owns 2,842,147 „A” series and 578 „C” series MOL ordinary shares

For further information, please contact:

Investor Relations     + 36 1 464 1395
facsimile:     + 36 1 464 1335