Supplier Policy

Excellent quality, reliability, innovation: we promise these principles and we expect our suppliers to do the same.

MOL Group is a significant integrated Central European oil and gas company.

Our main objective is to attain recognition from our customers and shareholders through activities characterised by growth, excellence and dynamism.

In pursuit of excellence, we assign an important role to our Suppliers through the application of our Supplier Policy.

Our aim is to co-operate with our Suppliers in line with the following mutually observed values,

Our Suppliers:

  • provide goods, services and processes of high quality and adopt reliable quality management methods
  • are competitive in international markets and continuously seek to improve this competitiveness
  • are innovative in technology, and their goods and services meet international environmental, safety and health standards
  • provide reliable service and take overall responsibility for their goods and services
  • work professionally, applying perfectly ethical working methods
  • strive for long-term partnerships with us
  • adopt high-level communication methods and techniques.

At the same time, MOL Group avers that it performs its procurement process applying clear, consistent and unambiguous rules. The company regularly evaluates its Suppliers and informs them of such evaluation of their co-operation.

We sincerely wish to achieve success in co-operation with our Suppliers!