Supplier Forum 2003

MOL's first Supplier Forum, 2003

In 2003, we launched Supplier Forum with the objective of laying down the foundations of a traditional event: the goal is to share information, encourage common thinking, and deepen partnership and co-operation.




Development Concepts


Professional sections

Projects, maintenance, indirect and auxiliary materials, well workover operations, filling station construction


R & D, production materials, energy - Presentation (pdf, 405 kB)

  • Gadó Zsuzsa (MOL, Director of Procurement)
  • Magyar János (MOL, Director of Research & Development)
  • Kalmár Gábor (MOL, Director of Production Materials Procurement)
  • dr. Kovács Pál (MOL, Director of Energy Supply)
  • Bóta János (TVK, Chief Technologist, Polymer business)
  • Csapó Róbert (TVK, Director of Technical Management)
  • Sebestyén László (TVK, Director of Olefin Business)


Logistics - Presentation (pdf, 88 kB)

  • Hegedűs Dezső Lászlóné (MOL, Director of Logistics)
  • Vörös László (MOL, Director of Natural Gas Transmission)


Environmental Protection - Presentation (pdf, 299 kB)

  • Erdős Péterné dr. (MOL, Director of HSE and Quality Management)
  • Katona Ferenc (MOL, Director of Procurement of Production Services)
  • Kovács Attila (TVK, General Director)
  • Olaszné Mályi Andrea (TVK, Director of Environmental Protection)


Information systems, e-procurement - Presentation (pdf, 441 kB)

  • Szabó Ákos (MOL, IT, Director of Procurement of Administration Materials and Other Services)
  • Loncsár Tibor (MOL, Director of Information Services)
  • Földváriné Ilonka Katalin (MOL, Project Procurement, expert)
  • Horváth Péter (MOL, Director of Procurement of Indirect and Auxiliary Materials)


Filling station network, retail goods - Presentation (pdf, 665 kB)

  • Benkő Ákos (MOL, Director of Marketing & Business Development)
  • Kovács Ágnes (MOL, Director of Retail Product Management)
  • Cseh Béla (MOL, Director of Corporate Services)