Information for Constructors

Dear MOL Partner!

MOL has taken a number of measures to minimize the potential impact of the coronavirus on production and construction.
The purpose of these steps is to protect our employees, business partners and to ensure the continous operation.

Hereby you will be informed about the MOL measures of the constructor / supplier aspects of the coronavirus:

  • HSE Trainings

    • Constructors with MOL HSE training valid on March 12, 2020, the validation will be extended by 3 months, means the training validation will be modified from 12 to 15 months.
      The extension of the exam will also be passed through the MeFTIR system, so the change does not prevent issuing of the work permits.
    • Constructors without valid MOL HSE training will be trained in groups of max 10 people.
    • Only for Constructors who never participated in HSE training or whose HSE exam expired before 12 March, 2020, will be trained until 12 June, 2020.
  • Travel Restriction and Reporting
    • In case of an employee has been in the country affected by the infection within the last 14 days, it must be reported to MOL immediately!
    • In case of an employee has visited any NO-GO countries (Italy, Iran, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Germany, Lithuania) within the last 14 days, it must be reported immediately and entering to MOL site is forbidden for 14 days!
    • In case of any MOL site worker is aware of COVID-19 infected person it must be reported to MOL immediately!
    • Due to current situation any risk is emerged in the fulfilment of the contractual obligation, inform us immediately along with required actions!
  • Other internal measures taken by MOL for protection
    • Employees with permanent entrance permit, entrance cards must be validated by drivers and passengers in MOL site check points.
    • Colleagues were required that meetings must be postponed, cancelled or replaced for a later appointment and those meetings which affect more than 10 participants must be avoided.
    • Alternative digital possibilities for personal contacts (phone, skype) have to be used.

Due to the quick changing of the situation we are continuously monitoring further developments and possible consequences of our business.

In case of any changing we will let you know immediately.

Wishing you safe working!