Signing MOL Group Documents

MOL Group sends contracts with DocuSign enabling Suppliers to sign the contracts within a matter of minutes. Signing contracts is fast, easy and intuitive. Signers’ users of MOL Group Suppliers receive email notifications to easily review documents and add their signatures.

MOL Group uses two Signature types: Simple eSignature (SES) and Advanced eSignature (AES).

Simple eSignature does not require Signer’s identity to be verified and no digital certificates are applied to DocuSign transactions. The Signer applies the signature to the document via the DocuSign email notification and no additional verification is needed.

Advanced eSignature ensures compliance with eIDAS regulation by authenticating and verifying the signers’ identity prior to signing documents required by MOL Group. Once users authenticate and verify their identity, DocuSign generates a digital certificate that testifies the identity of the signer and binds them to the document they sign. SMS Verification will be used AES signature.

Sign on the go

Easily sign documents on-the-go with DocuSign mobile responsive web app or DocuSign mobile apps. iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows apps and mobile web browsers are enabled for sending and signing documents on the fly.

eSignature Security and Compliance is ensured by DocuSign

DocuSign platform meets the security, privacy and data residency requirements which apply in EU. DocuSign eSignature complies with the U.S. ESIGN Act and UETA, as well as the EU eIDAS Regulation. DocuSign automatically generates and stores a robust audit trail for every agreement.