Danube Refinery is located at Százhalombatta near Budapest and began operations in 1965. Operated by MOL, the refinery – with a capacity of 165 000 bpd (8.1 mtpa) of crude oil – it is one of the largest refineries in CEE region.

The facility has 54 major process plants and is flexible in the processing of crudes from Russia through Friendship pipeline, and alternative crude oils through Adria pipeline. It has a high upgrading complexity with FCC (fluid catalytic cracker), MHCKU (mild-hydro cracking unit), Delayed Coker, CCR (catalytic reformer) unit, Aromatics plants, Lube units, and petrochemicals integration through pipeline with MOL Petrochamicals located in Tiszaújváros. It is the leading producer of clean fuels for the Hungarian market, producing diesel and gasoline blended with bio components. It is also a major supplier of CEE region strongly integrated in the MOL Group other refineries in Slovakia and Croatia.


Products and Production (approx.)
LPG 490 t/d
Gasolines 3,530 t/d
JET 580 t/d
Diesel 9,050 t/d
Aromatics 650 t/d
Base oils and paraffins : 510 t/d
Bitumens 1,240 t/d
Coke and Other Products: 4,915 t/d

Facts & Figures

  • Number of employees (approx.): 1,200
  • Crude Distillation Capacity
    • Total: 165,000 bpd (8.1 mtpa)
  • Nelson Complexity Index: 10.6