Our petrochemical activity - MOL Petrochemicals Co. Ltd., along with the petrochemical unit of SLOVNAFT, a.s. in Bratislava – as part of the integrated Downstream Division of MOL Group- holds leading position in petrochemical sector in the Central Eastern Europe.

Petrochemicals are chemical products basically derived from crude oil or natural gas. The two most common categories are olefins- the base products for polymers- and aromatics.

Both MOL Petrochemicals and Slovnaft has many decades experience in producing polymers in competitive quality for the plastics processing industry, which products are fundamental for a wide range of industrial application and for production of a huge number of consumer goods that are essential to our everyday lives.

Our core lines of business for MOL Petrochemicals and Slovnaft

We supply polymer products in competitive quality mainly to European plastic processing companies. Beyond our main profile, we sell olefins and other petrochemical co-products to regional chemical and oil companies, so to MOL Group as well. Our core activity includes major production lines:

  • Olefin production: the production and wholesale distribution of ethylene, propylene and other co-products of olefin production. Our petrochemical feedstock is supplied from two sources: majority of that is produced by MOL Group’s Refining business unit and the remaining part is procured by Commercial business in MOL Group Downstream. We sell the significant part of our olefin co-products to MOL Group Refining Segment. The majority of these co-products are used in the aromatic production and processed to fuel components.
  • Butadiene production: the site of MOL Petrochemicals in Tiszaújváros produces feedstock material for synthetic rubber. Through a joint venture with JSR Corporation (JSR) MOL Group will have the possibility to further expand its petrochemical product portfolio along the value chain from 2017, as stable feedstock supply of the new synthetic rubber plant will be secured from the butadiene extraction unit.
  • Polyolefin production: the production of low and high density polyethylene (LDPE, unimodal and bimodal HDPE) and polypropylene (PP copolymer and homogeneous polymer).
Production Capacity in KT/Y
MPC - Ethylene 660
MPC - Polymer 765
MPC - Butadiene 130
SPC - Ethylene 220
SPC - Polymer 475
Pipelines capacity in kt/y
Feedstock and product pipelines 2,700
Ethylene (Kazincbarcika) 160
Ethylene (Kalush) 100


MOL Petrochemicals Co. Ltd. – located in Tiszaújváros – is the largest chemical enterprise in Hungary by sales revenue. After gaining majority stake in the company in 2004, MOL Petrochemicals had been integrated into MOL Group. Since 30 March 2015 MOL Plc. is 100% owner of MOL Petrochemicals Co. Ltd.

Exploiting the benefit from the presence of other MOL businesses we conduct our sales activity through polymer sales representatives at MOL’s foreign trading subsidiaries in Austria, Poland, Germany, Italy, Romania, Croatia and in Ukraine. - We supply feedstock especially to European small and medium size plastic converters.


Slovnaft operates a petrochemical complex producing high value materials. The integration of the petrochemical site with the refinery is giving another advantage to foster the flexibility of operation. Aiming at stronger captive markets and a broader value chain, significant investments such the construction of the new 220 kt/year capacity LDPE unit has finished in 2016, replacing the previous LDPE facilities and aiming to further exploit synergies by increasing production flexibility and ensuring higher naphtha off-take from the refinery, from 2017 onwards.