Settlement of the option agreement between MOL and MUFG Securities EMEA plc. and conclusion of a new agreement

MOL Plc. (“MOL”) hereby notifies the market of the following:

MOL agreed with MUFG Securities EMEA plc. (“MUFG”) on 6, November 2018 that the option rights in relation to 4,894,187 MOL Series “A” Ordinary shares (“Shares”) under the share option agreement executed between MUFG and MOL on 6 November 2017 will be cash settled on 8, November 2018.

The strike price of the options is EUR 9.8947.

Simultaneously, MOL and MUFG entered into a new share purchase agreement and a share option agreement, according to which MOL receives American call options and MUFG receives European put options in relation to 5,303,295 Shares, with the effective date of 8 November 2018. As a result of these transactions, MUFG shall receive 409,108 Shares. The maturity date of both the call and put options is 11, November 2019 and the strike price of both options is EUR 9.4974 per Share.

Following this transaction, MOL directly and indirectly owns 79,579,886 “A” Series and 578 “C” Series MOL Ordinary shares.