Market consensus

  • Market consensus is the average of analysts' estimates for the upcoming quarterly results
  • The consensus figures comprise estimates and forecasts of 10 analysts
    Q1 2018
EBITDA HUF bn (excluding special items) Market Consensus
Upstream 68.1
Downstream 64.8
Clean CCS based DS 60.8
Consumer Services 17.5
Gas Midstream 20.8
Corporate & Services (10.7)
Intersegment (1.3)
Clean CCS EBITDA  155.4
EBIT HUF bn (excluding special items) Market Consensus
Clean CCS EBIT 79.7
Financials  HUF bn (reported figures) Market Consensus
Total financial expense/(gain) net 4.8
Income from associates 4.7
Profit before tax 83.5
Income Tax expense 14.8
Profit for the period 66.7


The purpose of the published consensus figures is to provide more detailed information for our shareholders and is not intended to constitute investment advise. The consensus is based on estimates and forecasts for MOL Plc from various analysts, who are independent from the Company. The Company gives no guarantee, representation or warranty and is not responsible or liable as to its accuracy and completeness. Reference to assessments serves only for reader information and is non-binding. The publication of consensus figures does not imply that the Company subscribes to these opinions or conclusions in any form whatsoever, or that the Company supports or confirms them. The Company accepts no liability for the selection, current relevance, completeness or correctness of the analysts’ assessments reproduced here.