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    Dóra Kovács, Ex Growwwer
    Card Management Expert


    Tomáš Pavlík, Ex Growwwer
    OTS Engineer


    Ema Jakupec, Ex Growwwer
    Field Geology Specialist


    Hashim Ali, Ex Growwwer
    Group E&P Controlling Expert

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An internationally awarded programme:

  • 2015 UK’s most prestigious HR recognition award in Employer Branding category
  • 2014 Best College Recruiting Program, ERE Recruiting Excellence Award

How to apply?

How to apply

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  1. 1.Create a profile on LinkedIn, or if you have one, visit and follow MOL Group company page.
  2. 2.Click on Careers tab on the top, then you will be able to see the available jobs at the right side.
    By clicking “See more jobs at MOL Group” a new page will appear with all jobs available.
  3. 3.Choose one or even more positions and apply with your LinkedIn profile.
    Don’t forget to attach your CV, too!
  4. 4.If your CV has been pre-selected, we’ll invite you for a video or a phone interview.
  5. 5.Passed the first interview? Congratulations! Now you get a psychometric test to complete
    before meeting us face-to-face.
  6. 6.Successfully passing the psychometric test, you’ll be asked for a personal interview
    with the future potential direct-manager and HR colleague responsible for recruitment.
  7. 7.Soon, you will recieve feedback about your application by HR.

Our stories

BiH Denija Berkovac Ex Growwwer
Economic Affairs Specialist
my story

Meeting new people, for me, is always the most exciting part of a project. I have made friends for life and, through a friend who is a Growwwer at MOL HQ, seen how the company emphasises the importance of this programme and its ability to help young graduates become professionals and experts in their field. I also loved the many educational and training programmes MOL Group organised. It was my first work experience in the industry, and was definitely an eye-opener regarding future opportunities, upgrading interpersonal skills, and fostering a sense of independence in problem solving.

At the same time, it was also a strong reminder of the importance of teamwork. Being accepted as a Growwwer was similar to other selection and testing processes that I've experienced, but I did have a couple of interviews more than other candidates. This was something I didn't mind, however, as it provided me with a good overall experience. I’m eager to learn, and standing in one place is my biggest fear. I seek to educate myself each day, and I have the desire to work in various industries – to diversify as much as possible. For me personally, I don’t think too much about a given position; rather, I focus on learning, remembering, being involved, passing on knowledge and moving forward.

CZ Olga Arronte Ex Growwwer
Senior Sales Support
my story

Simply, and with no exaggeration, I can say that in the beginning I felt like Alice in Wonderland. Everything that I had heard and read about became real – what I’d learned in theory, I could now finally put into practice.

I went from being a person who tended to doubt and was sometimes insecure, to being someone who is a strong and confident team player!

As Growwwers we all started from the same point, but we were trusted and given the opportunity to show that we deserved encouragement and respect. I took full advantage of it! After almost 4 years in the company, I still feel the same way.

What’s great is that I know there are still new challenges within MOL Group, that there is advancement and improvement still to come. New Growwwers, take your chance – your success in the programme is up to you!

CZ Tomáš Jandzík Ex Growwwer
Sales Center & Product
Line Manager
my story

I came to Prague from Slovakia because of football, but an ankle injury meant I needed a change of career.

Growww gave me that.

I came to MOL’s Czech operations in December, 2011, and I was in the country's first Growww programme.

Today, I am setting up the new Sales Center department.

This will involve, among other things, planning, the optimization and pricing of fuels, and market intelligence.

The management always focused on my progress and gave me real responsibilities.

RS Dušan Brančić Ex Growwwer
Fuel card Telesales
MOL Serbia
my story

When applying for Growww, the biggest challenge was working in a multinational company. MOL Group offers many opportunities to every young person who is professionally oriented, and eager for professional development – opportunities that will allow for skill improvement in an exciting and dynamic environment.

I received the most experience in sales and negotiations. I was given the opportunity to be present at negotiations, both with smaller and large business customers, and this is the core of trading and sales.

I also found sales forecasting to be a very valuable experience. During Growww, the most interesting experience was communicating with other programme participants, and learning about processes in different divisions such as fuel exploitation, production and transporting.

The experience of sharing with other Growwwers from the Group helped me to better understand the entire process and functions of the oil business.

RS Marina Srdić Ex Growwwer
Business support officer
MOL Serbia
my story

When we discuss the Growww programme, the most interesting element for me was the hands-on experience we were given.

You can’t learn to swim unless you get into the water. So in that sense, I think all Growwwers would agree that the programme offers a great opportunity to develop knowledge, competencies and skills.

In my opinion, some of the best practices I took from Growww related to developing strong team communication, which I implement in my daily work. This includes communication with clients, as well as working with set deadlines.

I strive to build long-term relationships in the work environment, looking to deliver service that will stand the test of time and also promote, and earn, trust.

I believe in fairness and I'm passionate about making a difference.

When involved in a project, I’m committed to doing my very best to achieve success.

HU Dóra Kovács Ex Growwwer
Card Management Expert
MOL Hungary
my story

When I was at university, MOL Group managers and HR professionals gave presentations about the company. As an economist, I found their information to be really interesting, and listening to the presenters I became convinced that MOL Group had something to offer me.

Arriving to MOL Group, my colleagues, boss and mentor were all very open and helpful – and so if I had questions I always knew whom to turn to. We had a good group of Growwwers, and I am still in contact with them. We still have lunch or coffee together, and occasionally we go out after work. Also, co-operation in the office feels easier when I work with a former Growwwer from my year.

In the beginning, getting used to processes that seemed a little slow in a large organization was quite demanding. When waiting for my laptop to be handed over during my first week, I felt that I couldn’t get on with my tasks as quickly as I wished. However, I came to realize that I could still proactively engage in work and didn’t need to be frustrated by such things. A positive from the very start, however, was the site visits to production facilities. I also appreciated the lectures given during the Business Education Days.

My advice to those new to Growww is this: be open, enthusiastic, and eager to learn new things. Care about your job and always do your best. At MOL Group, hard work really is rewarded!

HU Tibor Bihari Ex Growwwer
O&E Programme &
Disp senior special engineer
MOL Hungary
my story

Two years ago I was hoping to be employed by the Danube Refinery in Százhalombatta. Shortly after I applied, I was accepted. Since then, everything has moved at a break-neck pace.

As a newcomer in 2014, I faced quite a few challenges.

We had to gain a comprehensive view of the whole organization and its structure, and learn how we could create a comfortable atmosphere with senior colleagues, alongside how we meet our work requirements.

For me, when I first started I didn’t know exactly what kind of a job would fit my expectations. However, during the Growww programme we saw how a multinational oil company really works.

Thanks to the well-planned events we could visit different sites and meet with different executives.

One of the main events was the On-boarding day, and this gave me the experience of a lifetime. It was one of my favourite moments because I met people who have become good friends. We not only meet at work, we often get together in our free time as well.

During the On-boarding day we saw that a multinational company needs, and in MOL Group’s case, appreciates, a youthful way of thinking.

Other milestones were the project work, which was a huge challenge – not only in terms of meeting the professional expectations of our mentor, but also in creating new connections with others at a group level.

During that work we received the necessary support from different departments and we all got to know each other well. We had the opportunity to express all of this in the Growww Presentation Day.

In addition to Growww, 7 of us also took part in an extraordinary program at a local level: GRIP (Growww Refining Internal Program). This was a one-year rotation program that was very useful for improving our practical approach. We had to work in shifts, rotating between different operational units of the refinery. This experience won us usable local knowledge and allowed us to develop relationships with the plant’s operators. Taking everything into account, it is fair to say that during our first year we received an essential professional base, one that we could go on to exploit in the future. After the program, I think we all found that our expectations had been met.

My advice to future Growww participants is that they should be flexible. There is a wealth of positive things in the programme for them to take advantage of.

HU Blanka Soltész Ex Growwwer
Lead Buyer
MOL Hungary
my story

As a Lead Buyer I am responsible for managing full service and product procurement cases, including sourcing, tendering, evaluation and selection procedures. I make decisions and approvals every day, and I delegate tasks to my colleagues. It is exciting and inspiring work.

When I was a buyer, I dealt with procurement processes but in a more operative way.

During these years I have learned a great deal about our processes, teamwork and collaboration. I took part in many types of trainings, and this helped my personal improvement. I joined MOL Group's Growww programme in 2010. Many areas, systems and procedures were unknown to me in those days.

Lectures and site visits helped me to understand the operations of the company. I became acquainted with other leaders and colleagues via our common presentation tasks. Both the individual and the team tasks provided new opportunities for professional advancement, and so I thoroughly recommend this programme.

HU Dániel Gályász Ex Growwwer
my story

Have you ever thought about what the world would be like without the oil and gas industry? Probably you couldn’t travel. There would be very uncomfortable clothes in your wardrobe. Your toothbrush would be harmful to your teeth. Doctors wouldn’t be able to save as many lives without plastic heart valves, and the ambulance bringing people to hospitals wouldn’t arrive without gasoline.

You wouldn’t even be able to read these words, as they were typed on my plastic-based computer, which is charged by electrical energy partly transformed from natura gas. My name is Dániel Gályász, and I am a unit leader at MOL Petrochemicals. This is the essence of my GROWWW story:
Dániel Gályász
My advice is this – give us a chance to learn through your thoughts!

HQ Levente Puskás Ex Growwwer
Group card systems
senior expert
MOL Group
my story

My story with MOL started seven years ago, when I was selected for the 2009 Growww programme. I was presented with this opportunity thanks to a lucky coincidence at a job fair, and without this event I am sure I wouldn’t have applied for any job during my final year of university. The selection process was very professional, and also very challenging. Passing it gave me confidence during the first months of Growww; allowing me to overcome the early job-related challenges I faced. I started my career in the fuel card department, which is one of the most complex and colourful businesses at MOL due to it’s presence in many countries, its tens of thousands of customers, significant IT and marketing bonding, and numerous internal and external stakeholders. Following the onboarding process I was immersed in the work, becoming part of, and then responsible for, high-stake projects that targeted new products and processes, and the realization of business improvement ideas. It was during these assignments that I learned to better understand my strengths. I became more self-aware and I had, at the same time, support from colleagues and managers. This helped me to improve both professionally and personally.

Besides the on-the-job learning experience and real work challenges, this outstanding programme provided me with the opportunity to experience the amazing things uniquely tailor-made for Growwwers – things that would normally require years of work before experiencing. I had the chance visit refineries and listen to oil and gas industry presentations, some of which were about MOL Group, its operations and its functional and business areas. I also participated in special Growww events, networking with experts and managers from different organizations, and was part of the special Growww community during work and outside of it, too. I enjoyed it very much, and gave extra commitment so that I could keep my momentum going during the year while also meeting my job-related expectations. Following my Growww year, I continued to work in the card department until the end of 2011. During this time I became an expert of card products and was selected into a two-year talent programme with the Commerce department. This was a tremendous help in my personal and leadership skill development, and later a very exciting opportunity found me when the Regional sales department of Group Commerce was established and started to deal with cross-country knowledge sharing, standardization of fuel products’ sales reporting, and business improvement projects. Within six months I was appointed as the professional secretary to the Senior Vice President of MOL Group Commerce, later Supply and Sales. I held the professional secretary position until end of 2013, and it was the most intense, but thoroughly interesting period, of my career so far. Working with top talents and top managers from so many countries, and being involved with business lines, strategic projects, complete reorganizations, acquisitions, and everyday operational challenges, contributed greatly to my professional development.

The close co operation and valuable discussions with my manager provided priceless guidance and helped me to see and understand the big picture. Personal changes from mid-2013 opened up the opportunity for me to take my current role, which is practically the same position held by the person who had hired me four years before. Since mid-2013, I have been responsible for the central fuel card systems and their related project portfolio at MOL Group. The first half-year was the toughest period of my life, as I effectively held two positions at the same time, but it was also the best opportunity to master time management. Besides many business, project and operational challenges, this position has provided me with an incredible learning experience, particularly regarding people management. It has put me in a position to step up to a full leadership role. Preparation for my next position had already started. At the end of 2015, I was selected for the Emerging Global Leaders’ programme, LEAD. This is MOL Group’s award-winning global leadership development programme. This has been my story so far: the first-class Growww programme, followed by learning and development opportunities, professional challenges, hard work, support from leaders and colleagues, and meeting people who became role-models. The latter, beyond offering good working relationships, also offered real friendship. A lot has happened, but my story at MOL Group doesn’t end here – there are new chapters still to come. The Growww programme itself is not a guarantee for success, but it will give you the best opportunity to launch your career at MOL. You too can become the energy of positive change. Come and join us. Write your own story in MOL Group!

HQ Ivett Cigli Ex Growwwer
my story

Firstly, I’ve entered the company as a Trainee in the fuel export-import department. Following the 3-months traineeship, I decided to apply for a permanent position. I joined MOL Group in 2011 with the GROWWW program and have been working in the Downstream division ever since. After the 1 year long Growww journey, I got the opportunity to stay in the Group Downstream Business Support organisation.

This is the team in which I’m still working, under the supervision of the Downstream EVP, providing support for managerial decision-making materials and presentations. I really enjoy working in a multinational team with colleagues from Romania, Italy and Croatia, it has helped greatly in broadening my knowledge. Through the diverse tasks I’m getting in contact with several organisations from all over the group and have access to lot of information every day.

The experience I have gained in the past 4 and a half years helped me to realise that continuous development and learning is needed in order to be successful in your role. So don’t worry if you are facing a completely new task, you have to be open-minded and ready for new challenges every time!

HQ Leo Breški Ex Growwwer
Engineering excellence analyst
MOL Group
my story

My path throughout MOL Group has been an exciting and dynamic one.

Starting in INA (Growww program 2012) as an Investment PM Engineer working in the field, I then moved to MOL Group HQ (2013) as an Investment Expert. Finally, in 2015, I took on my current role in MOL Group E&P as an Engineering Excellence Analyst.

In parallel, I was engaged as mechanical engineer on several big projects such as EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery, Croatia), Labin Offshore rig Overhaul, and Class Renewal.

Working at MOL Group is challenging and demanding, but this is typical of the oil industry. Therefore, my advice is to be open-minded, flexible and to take the challenge when you have the opportunity.

Don’t worry about failure. I believe this is the correct way to develop and become an acknowledged and respected expert.

HQ Mirta Pađen Lee Ex Growwwer
Group HR E&P Manager
MOL Group
my story

My current role is Group E&P HR Manager, supporting the E&P division at HQ level, and I coordinate international E&P HR activities with local HR teams. The role focuses on end-to-end HR processes and consulting at a group level, and HR coordination activities on a more local level.I joined the HQ in January 2013 as an INA assignee in an HR business partner role, and then, at the end of 2014, I had the opportunity to take on my current position.

My journey started as a Growwwer in 2010 at INA – this was the first year for INA’s Growww program, so I was in it from the very beginning.

I have to say that I was very lucky as my mentor was really there for me and was determined to see me grow professionally.

From the very beginning I was involved in real activities and was offered guidance to help me succeed and learn. I was never left in the dark, and this really helped make me visible during the first year.

Always push and ask for more. You are the owner of your personal success and growth, and you can control your development if you’re willing to put in the right amount of effort.

If you invest your time in learning and growing, you will advance. It’s really as simple as that – there’s no secret to reveal.

MOL Group recognizes talent, so you have to be determined to show this to people. Never take no for an answer. Be proactive and ask questions. Don’t give up your standards and beliefs, and don’t settle for average – always aim higher!

HQ Hashim Ali Ex Growwwer
Group E&P Controlling Expert
MOL Group
my story

When I was working as a management trainee with MOL Pakistan’s Finance department, my manager encouraged me to apply for the Growww programme. A couple of months, and several rounds of interviews, later, I was on a plane to Budapest for an assignment at the MOL Group headquarters.

My colleagues were all very supportive – they even helped me out when I was looking for an apartment in Budapest.

For me, it is easier to get things done through my Growww network than when using other corporate channels.

My advice to future Growwwers is to learn as much as you can by asking as many questions as possible.
Also, in addition to your work, develop a good network of friends and enjoy the Growww year!

HR Ema Jakupec Ex Growwwer
Field Geology Specialist
my story

The GROWWW program was my first job, and so there were many new challenges to take on. It was great that my mentor and the HR department supported me. They were always there if I had any questions. Believe me, I had a lot of questions!

The Onboarding Days in September are the kick-off event for the program, and it’s a great opportunity to meet all of the Growwwers. You encounter people from many different cultures and from numerous places around the world.

My opinion was always appreciated and I was always treated as an equal when working at the well site, even though I was the only woman there. Of course, we did have to work long hours, but when you realize that your efforts are rewarded in the long run, everything seems easier!

I was the first woman in the history of INA to supervise well-logging operations. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, or how young you are – what counts is that you know what you’re doing and you’re willing to do your best.

Never be afraid to speak up. Voice your ideas, and share your opinions and possible solutions to problems. You’re young, eager and full of potential; so don’t hesitate to develop further! One day you might become someone who has a huge impact on our industry!

HR Ana Kostadinović Ex Growwwer
Black fuels coordination
business unit
my story

I began my career in INA in 2011 as a Growwwer in the Commercial Sector.

One of INA's advantages is that it is one of the few companies that give opportunity to young people without working experience. During first year of the Growww programme, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of different experts that I could learn from about oil industry and its different segments within INA and MOL Group in general.

What I liked especially, was the possibility of an international career. Being a part of INA’s team has helped both my professional and personal development. When I think about my beginnings at INA I can say only positive things – wide knowledge, team work, collaboration, respect, common understanding and professional leadership.

Besides that, I had the opportunity to develop my career as a manager. Currently, I am responsible for black products as the Manager of Black Fuels Coordination Business Unit. It is challenging in a way that I work with unconventional tasks which has prepared me to always look for new solutions. That way I continuously keep learning and developing myself, which is essential for my career progress.

Growww is one great experience and I would recommend it to everyone. The beauty of it is that as a Growwwer you feel as a part of a big family. Like in everything in life, including the career, you need to have a cup of luck, a cup of courage, a cup of will, a cup of laugh, good colleagues, and a vision where you want to go. Following that recipe, I managed to develop professionally in relatively short period of time.

HR Filip Krunić Ex Growwwer
my story

My name is Filip and I am a Petroleum Engineer working in the Business Analysis & Coordination Department of INA’s Exploration & Production Business Division.

I applied for the Growww programme in 2014, while I was in my final year of studies. Soon afterwards I was offered a position in INA and, a few months later, I received my Petroleum Engineering degree.

I spent the first year of Growww in Croatia, where I had a unique chance to work with other Growwwers and spend time at many different oil & gas fields. I became familiar with the processes involved in the entire E&P chain, as well as the unique technical and operational challenges they pose – from well drilling and completion and workovers, all the way to production, gathering, treatment, and the transport of oil & gas. It’s one thing to learn something from a book, but it’s a whole other thing to experience it in real life, and on the job!

Whenever I was given a task to complete, my colleagues and my mentor (who was also a past Growwwer) were always there to provide me with helpful guidance and assistance. The great thing about Growwwers is that you get to meet and work with a diverse group of people, and since they work in all areas of the company you will see a familiar face everywhere you turn!

After I finished my programme I transitioned to a somewhat different role in a newly formed department, and focused on the business side of E&P. At first it seemed like it would be too big of a challenge – but my background in engineering and the experience gained in the field has proven quite useful and helped me to quickly get up to speed. I work on different things within E&P, and so I am able to see “the big picture” while still having a meaningful impact each and every day.

If there's one piece of advice I can give to future Growwwers, it's this: be ready to take on new challenges that come your way, no matter how difficult they might seem at first. This is the only way you will ever be able to growww!

SK Tomáš Pavlík Ex Growwwer
OTS Engineer
my story

After reaching a top position during the Freshhh competition, I was offered a place in the Growww programme. There was no question I would accept it. I wanted a chemical engineering job and the company is based in my home city, so it was a perfect match.

My mentor helped me a lot, especially in relation to comprehensive projects and continuous knowledge sharing.

Growww was a great experience, especially when working shifts for a few months – that was really an eye-opener regarding how a refinery works.

I successfully contributed to projects in my field of expertise. This significantly improved the competence of some of the control room operators at Slovnaft, and enhanced the quality of their training programs.

You will have dedicated time to learn about the oil and gas industry during your Growww year – make sure you grab this opportunity!

SK Peter Škrabák Ex Growwwer
Sales center manager
my story

I started working for Slovnaft in 2009, and I’m currently employed as a Sales Centre Manager. My responsibilities include strategies and strategic support of the sales force on the domestic market in fleet cards, lubricants and refined products (fuels, LPG, chemicals, bitumen etc.).

During my final year at university I met someone from the Slovnaft team at a National Career Day. She spoke about the Growww programme and we agreed that we would meet in Slovnaft after the summer as colleagues, and so we did!

I was really surprised by one thing in particular – the people there. They were very nice and helpful from the beginning. I was able, with their guidance, to learn and grow fast.

After 3 years I became the leader of a team and, again, colleagues helped me to move forward to my current managerial role. Growww was not only a formal program, its participants became something of a community; we had informal meetings and parties organized not by the company, but by us – and not only with local Slovnaft colleagues, but with international staff. Even now this helps us, as we know many people across the company. This was a high point for me. And the lows ? Some mornings after our parties. My advice is to be open-minded; try to use all of the potential that Growww offers – from the job itself, and also from a personal perspective. You have a great opportunity to learn and to find direction in your future professional career.

SK Peter Puškel Ex Growwwer
Head of Department
Electricity Distribution
my story

During the Growww programme I met many great people from different Slovnaft departments.

We also met with colleagues from Hungary.

This took place on training courses organized for the programme, and we also organized personal events for weekends.

Now we are not only colleagues from work, but also friends who spend our free time together.

I think it’s important to note that this friendship is also reflected in our work results.

So if I can give advice on how to start a career with MOL Group, the Growww programme is, in my opinion, the best way.

SK Barbora

Ex Growwwer
Financial Controller
my story

From the first day I was part of the Planning & Controlling team, however my responsibilities changed as participation in the programme progressed; from preparing materials that summarized retail network results, to being a Team Leader and taking part in the implementation of new information systems in the Czech Republic.

To start in Growww has been very exciting.

Getting to know the processes of such a big company was challenging, but my colleagues were – and still are – my most valuable source of knowledge.

I am responsible for the rollout of new information systems in the Czech Republic, and each day I overcome challenges.

Positive feedback from supervisors is proof of my improvement.

Growwwers should ask as much as possible both during and after the education programme.

You can only gain from the experience.

You will be given the chance to be the part of a fast-developing industry, and so it is ‘a must’ to be able to overcome everyday challenges.

RO George Ţigăeru Ex Growwwer
HSE & Security Assistant
MOL Romania
my story

How would be to work in a multinational company?”, this was my thoughts when I saw the opportunity to join the Growww Program - the answer came quite quickly - a very complex, dynamic, but friendly environment, open for fresh and achievable ideas, were people can talk to each other. As Growwwer I faced many situations and I had the possibility to prove that I can handle with it.

You have many opportunities and you can use ‘it, the Growww Program is a great chance for our times, is a nice and innovative adventure that you can experience yourself!”

RO Anca Popescu Ex Growwwer
Loyalty Assistant
MOL Romania
my story

Joining the MultiBonus department as a Loyalty Assistant in MOL ROMANIA was one of the best professional decisions I have made.

I was already interested in marketing and advertising, and so when this opportunity appeared I didn't think twice about applying.

At that time I was working as a receptionist at MOL Romania, so I already knew many colleagues.

When my application was accepted their reaction was overwhelming; I knew at that moment that my place was here.

Working in such an innovative department keeps me inspired and challenges me to overcome any barriers set by theoretical learning.

As one of the youngest members of the Retail team, I always look up to my mentor and managers, and I let them coach me.

Hard working days are combined with creative meetings, campaign and events planning, service station visits and team building activities.

Remaining focused is the key to meeting customer expectations and representing the visions and values of the firm.

One of the most special moments in my Growww experience was at the Year End Gala.

There I was recognized and awarded by my colleagues for best representing our value of innovation.

RO Zsuzsanna Barabás Ex Growwwer
HR Assistant
MOL Romania
my story

Having newly graduated from an HR master’s program, the HR Assistant Growwwer position at MOL Romania was my first choice for starting my professional career.

Working in MOL Romania has been a dynamic and challenging experience.

Besides my daily operational tasks, I have had the opportunity to work on many projects, and this has helped me broaden my perspective and my knowledge in the field.

In such a complex working environment, HR really needs to focus on being a strategic partner, supporting business needs and coming up with innovative solutions.

In this respect I have the opportunity to learn but also to try out my ideas under the guidance and support of colleagues.

For me, the Growww program proved to be a valuable learning experience.

It offered an overview of the industry we work in, and provided in-depth knowledge, too.

During the year, I had the chance to participate in Group-level educational programs, site visits and project presentations; plus I could meet and learn from colleagues from different countries.

Overall it was an inspiring experience, and one that helped me develop professionally and personally.

IT Rosario Migliaccio Ex Growwwer
Environmental Expert
my story

My name is Rosario Migliaccio, and in 2009 I took a University Degree in Chemistry.

After graduation, my aim was to work for an international company.

In 2010, thanks to a post on the internet, I discovered the Growww program and joined MOL Group.

Today, I am working in the HSE department of IES as an Environmental Expert.

I joined the program as a Quality Control Growwwer, and was assigned to different kinds of projects related to Bitumen, with a particular focus on BATEC.

In this sector, I was in charge of quality control and additive research for stability.

During the first year, I also took part in the “Business Education Program” and the “Young Engineer Program.

”What were the highs and lows during and after Growww?During Growww, I was very proud to be in an international environment, one that allowed me to create my personal network of people, and meet experts and professionals from all over the world.

The Growww program gave me the chance to work on projects precisely related to the subjects I studied in theory during university.

Sometimes results are not easy to achieve, especially in the research field.

In those moments, being part of a team, in a Group, is the key factor that provides the necessary support to achieve results.

What is your advice to the next generations of Growwwers?The Growww project is structured and helpful, and able to transform a young graduate into a specialized employee.

Obviously, the way to achieve this milestone is to never give up and to remain curious.

This way you will develop both your competencies and also the company business.

PK Shakeel Bashir Ex Growwwer
Drilling Engineer Growwwer
MOL Pakistan
my story

I am extremely passionate and optimistic about the O&G industry, and my enthusiasm increased further still when I joined MOL Pakistan.

I was selected, from 4,000 applicants who applied from across the whole of Pakistan, to work in the Drilling Department.

The selection process of tests, interviews and presentations was tough, but I persevered.

Presenting the assigned topic in front of MOL Management (COO, HR and the Head of Drilling) was a wonderful experience for me.

I received positive comments from each of the leaders, and this boosted my confidence in the final interview.

The Growww Onboarding Days in Zagreb was one of the most valuable experiences for me.

It gave me the chance to gain knowledge about innovative technologies in the oil industry, make new friends, connect with professionals and executives in the company, and share my ideas with fellow Growwwers.

It also helped me to realise where best I can be employed.

From the team activities in Zagreb, I learnt how to adapt to new and challenging situations.

Today with MOL Pakistan I am assigned various tasks in both the field and in the office, and give detailed reports – which I send to my mentors.

As MOL is drilling in a challenging area, the Northern region of Pakistan, every day is a new day for me.

The company meets my learning needs and professional goals, and so the journey so far has been great.

I am determined to continue this journey.

PK Moeed Afzal Ex Growwwer
Assistant Production
E&I Engineer
MOL Pakistan
my story

MOL Group is the perfect choice and place for diverse opportunities, challenges, passion, and unlimited growth.

I feel extremely fortunate to work for such a wonderful organization.

Inducted as a Growwwer and being part of a highly productive and professional team, I have come a long way in 2.5 years and have acquired strong technical and professional skills.

Each day serves as a unique challenge and opportunity for my growth, and with the atmosphere of trust, guidance, responsibility and accountability, we always strive to move ahead.

There is no doubt that Growww is an exceptional, one of a kind graduate recruitment program.

PK Muhammad Abid Ex Growwwer
Procurement Officer
MOL Pakistan
my story

I joined MOL Pakistan as a Material Engineer Growwwer in the Stock & Storage Management team, back in September 2010.

It seems as though it were just yesterday.

In 2013, I had an opportunity to be part of the Corporate Services team at our Islamabad office.

MOL Pakistan offers diversified exposure, and helps prepare you for all personal and professional challenges.

My advice for the next generation of Growwwers is this.

Look at your superiors and how they exercise leadership and take responsibilities.

Consider the people that you admire and add their strengths to your own skillset.

For those professionals you admire less, note their weaknesses and avoid repeating them.

Always try to enjoy your work; you will make fewer mistakes.

PK Ayesha Hassan Ex Growwwer
HR Coordinator
MOL Pakistan
my story

Getting selected from thousands of applicants in the Growww 2014 programme was a dream come true.

The entire year was like a roller coaster ride, as every day we learned something new, and witnessed a practical aspect to our university education.

Step by step we grew and increased our competencies, gained experience and, in a blink, the year ended.

The benefit of being a Growwwer was further elevated when we travelled to Hungary for orientation, business education days and team task competitions.

PK Amna Usman Malik Ex Growwwer
Assistant Accountant Taxation
MOL Pakistan
my story

It is an excellent opportunity for fresh graduates to work in a multinational firm.

For me, every moment of the Growww programme was exciting.

It is designed for students like me who dream big and want to prove to the world that ambition can be realized if you work hard.

The amount of dedication and time our mentors gave us was truly remarkable.

In addition, presenting in front of top management for the team task competitions was an outstanding opportunity.

PK Alveena Azeem Ex Growwwer
Assistant Production Engineer
MOL Pakistan
my story

Being a Growwwer and female engineer in a rather male-dominated field, I had an opportunity to share my story, and the efforts of MOL Pakistan, with the GetEnergy Forum UK in 2015.

This was a story about redefining industry norms and promoting female empowerment.

Inspired by the story and MOL’s efforts, a vast number of votes were cast and this helped MOL win the 8th Annual GetEnergy 2015 Award under the category of Education Partnership and Gender Diversity.

Being an engineer, my advice to the next generation of Growwwers, especially female engineers, is that the only obstacle holding us back is our drive and will power.

Women need not restrict themselves to particular professions, as with the determination to excel and strive there is nothing that can stop us from making our mark in the industry.

All that is required is the right reasons; mine was an undeniable passion for practical work. What is yours?

PK Aamir Iqbal Ex Growwwer
Assistant Production Engineer
MOL Pakistan
my story

I began my career at MOL Pakistan in 2014 with the GROWWW programme, and this helped me to gain practical knowledge and experience.

It allowed me to keep learning and developing.

The programme was so much more than I had expected.

SI Aleš Horvat Ex Growwwer
Non-fuel Manager
MOL Slovenia
my story

As a Growwwer, I got to know a multinational business environment – a place where there are endless possibilities if you’re committed and are willing to embrace teamwork.

In return, you are offered personal and professional growth.

After three years in MOL, I have worked on many projects and gathered vast experience in Retail and Marketing, but even now I still face new challenges each day.

I enjoy how one day is different from the next. MOL has shown appreciation for my commitment and willingness to take on new tasks, and this has translated into opportunities for promotion up to mid-level management.

Each year was special and different from the one before, but it was the first year of Growww that I cherish the most.

I recommend the Growww programme to all who are willing to commit themselves to the tasks at hand and build their future.

You are the ideal
candidate if

  • You are a graduate with maximum 1 year of work experience;
  • You are a team player and like to communicate & network;
  • You are agile to learn and develop professionally;
  • You are open to changes and comfortable with complexity;
  • You want to prove yourself in a cross-cultural
    working environment.